We develop next generation technology leaders

Matching you with the best suited developers for your organization

1. Tailored Recruiting

Tailored vetting process executed by developers, not recruiters.

You need a first-rate candidate who will match your specific requirements, align with your company culture and make a perfect extension of your team. We understand that and make sure you not only get the best tech talent, but also the right fit for your team.

After we prescreen our talent pool for top technologists and problem solvers, we apply our tailored recruiting practices or let you apply your own to verify we have the perfect match for you.

Communication check

We know how important communication is in distributed teams. So, first, we make sure your candidates have fluent English and excellent communication skills.

Aptitude check

Candidate's aptitude is often overlooked when hiring new developers. Yet, our experience has shown it's the #1 reason for bad teamwork and low satisfaction rate.

Passion check

Developers who are passionate about what they do change the world. Others just work for the paycheck. Our goal is to bring you first-rate candidates who love what they do.

Personality check

Aptitude and personality are the main culture fit indicators. We use our own custom-built framework to make sure your candidate is the right fit for your team.

Tech skills evaluation

Our senior developers led by our CTO are in charge of the tech evaluation of your candidates. We tailor the test to specific positions to make sure you only get the best.

65% of tech organizations claim skill shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring.

2. Hassle free hiring

Hire the best tech talent, leave us the hassle.

Our engineers work with your team to understand and evaluate your technical needs and create an onboarding plan based on it. Then, we get your Adeva team up to speed with your culture, working processes, and internal systems.

Administrative coverage

Our administrative team is taking care of your developers' salary, holidays, regular evaluations and everything else you need for your team to operate smoothly.

Latest Equipment

We provide your developers with the latest equipment for development and testing, so you can be sure they have the best possible conditions for delivering outstanding results.

Rapid start-up time

We examine your requirements, apply our tailored recruitment process, and have your distributed developers hit the ground running in 1.5 months from our initial communication.

When I was starting the online gallery, the biggest challenge I faced was how to visualize the product of Bokeh Art. Adeva's team came up with a pioneer solution to this problem. Thanks to them, Bokeh Art became the first online gallery worldwide to use 3d models as a way to visualize the product.
Nataliya Bilyushova​
Founder, Bokeh Art

3. Smooth team integratation

Adeva smoothly integrates our developers into your team.

Your developers align with your working processes, communicate using the IM tools of your choice, adapt to your time zone, and participate in your daily meetings. If you think they need a personal onboarding to feel like part of your team we even send them to your headquarters to make sure they start at full speed.

Slick onboarding

Our onboarding process is all for aligning your new hire with your culture. We introduce them to your values, present your working style and schedule an intro meeting for a personal onboarding.

Clear communication

Your team doesn't share your office, but you can easily forget that. They work your hours, participate in regular daily meetings, bond in your virtual water coolers, and join your happy hour hangouts.

Culture fit

Big part of our hiring process is evaluating the culture fit of your candidates. We work closely with you to grasp your vision and working processes and make sure your new hire is fully aligned with them.

Immediate value

Your candidates pass a thorough process of pre-screening and testing where we make sure they are result oriented, take initiative and will instantly contribute to your business.

Retaining good developers is as hard as hiring. 77% of tech professionals considered or made a job change in 2016.

4. Grow without the growing pains

We develop and retain your engineers, so you can focus on growing your business.

Human Resources

Our HR team makes sure your developers are happy and grow professionally. We support constant learning, encourage knowledge sharing, organize soft skills trainings, casual team hangouts and meetups.

Team Tools

When they join your team, we make sure your new hires get familiar with your tools of choice and can easily adapt to your PM framework, communication tools, or evaluation approach.


We know your data is your gold, so we work with you to establish good security practices for your team. Our office has 24/7 surveillance and we make sure all confidential information is properly stored.

Ongoing Support

Our team is regularly coordinating with you and evaluating your team, help them overcome their weaknesses, improve the general collaboration, and make sure your satisfaction only grows.