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Top Featured Vue.js Developer in March, 2019

Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

Solomon Ayoola

Senior Javascript Engineer, Conference Speaker

  • NodeJs, AngularJS, AdonisJS and ReactJS
  • MySQL, MongoDB and PostgresSQL
  • Leading German Tech Companies

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Vue.js Programming Benefits For Business

If the most popular JavaScript frameworks of the first wave were Angular.js and Backbone, the leading player of the second wave is Vue.js. The mastermind behind the framework is Evan You who designed Vue.js out of the global need for more performant applications.

What Evan did was take the Angular templating syntax but remove the complex stack that Angular required. The end result was an easy-to-use, progressive JavaScrip framework that he named Vue.js.

What businesses have soon found was that this framework is perfect for creating highly adaptable user interfaces and state-of-the-art single-page applications. Today, Vue.js is globally used by major Chinese tech industries (Alibaba & Xiaomi), Japanese companies (Nintendo), and open source projects (Laravel, GitLab & PageKit). You can see companies like Grammarly, Behance, and Buzzfeed utilizing the power of Vue.js on some of their applications.

But do we know what exactly attracted these companies to start using Vue.js for their development projects?

  • With Vue.js, developers can create the front-end side of an application really fast.
  • The development team can easily learn how to use Vue.js since it’s a JavaScript framework.
  • Applications created with the help of Vue.js are highly performant.
  • Using Vue.js can result in improved performance, reduced page load time and overall performance increase.
  • The framework can help build software to support massive traffic going through any website or application.

Reasons for Using Vue.js in Your Web Development

As the popularity of Vue.js is continuously growing at a rapid rate, now it’s a great time to take a look at why companies should use Vue.js in their web development.

  • Adaptability Because of the similarity with other frameworks like Angular and React, you can easily switch from other frameworks to Vue.js.
  • Integration You can use Vue.js for creating single-page applications and more complex web interfaces of apps.
  • Large scaling The framework lets you create large and reusable templates, without investing too much time into it.
  • Documentation Vue.js has extensive documentation that can offer a faster learning curve for developers. The documentation can also reduce the time it takes to develop an app.
  • Size Vue.js has a small size of around 20KB. Despite the tiny size, it still keeps its speed and flexibility, providing much better performance when compared to other frameworks.

Why Hire a Laravel Developer?

Experienced Vue.js developers have many skills

The decision to hire Vue.js developers is always a smart choice because they come equipped with a number of high-demand skills, including:

  • Understanding of different frameworks.
  • Knowledge of async code.
  • DOM manipulation.
  • Experience with JavaScript functions.
  • Comfortable with completing basic design tasks.
  • An understanding of networking and HTTP-based APIs.

Vue.js developers have an in-depth knowledge of JavaScript

They already have an understanding of JavaScript and can use the flexible JavaScript library to build amazing user interfaces.

Vue.js developers can offer development services to clients across multiple industries

Here’s another reason why you should hire Vue.js developers: they can cater to projects of varied industries. Whether you’re in the Big Data, CRM solutions, or entertainment industry, Vue.js developers can help you reduce the time-to-market launch for new services as well as the overall cost of development.

Vue.js developers can work on different development solutions

With the help of this framework, developers can build:

  • interactive apps and dashboards for real-time user experience
  • high-performance social & interactive apps
  • custom Vue.js applications
  • e-shops & marketplaces
  • data analysis tools
  • music & video streaming apps

Time to Hire Vue.js Developers for Your Project

Now that we’ve explained why you should hire Vue.js developers for your project, it’s your turn! Are you ready to have an amazing product built by experienced developers in a prompt time-frame?

We at Adeva have exactly what you need: highly-experienced Vue.js developers, skilled in the Vue.js framework and JavaScript. You can be convinced that our developers will make every effort to make your product a major success.