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Vision dedicated to more than Simple Cost-Cutting Play

Who we are

Working with world-class startups several years ago, we had a revelation: entrepreneurs recognized that great developers are evenly distributed across the world. Yet, it was very difficult for them to connect with the right developers remotely. Adeva was created as a solution to that problem. Leveraging a proven risk-free approach, we now help global organizations overcome the tech talent shortage and build better products, faster.

Our vision is to bring untapped tech talent to global organizations while empowering our developers to work on world-class projects and supporting them in their professional and personal growth.




Giving back to the community

Maintaining excellent relations with our local top talent and on-going encouragement for improvement of their tech skills is a top priority for us. We invest vast amount of time and resources to grow the community, engage and educate them about open source and IT in general while building a nurturing environment for their development. Being part of the Adevans' community is an asset that you get for life.

Giving back to the community

Developing next-generation technology leaders

Supporting developers to meet and adapt to new challenges in the IT industry is a valuable activity in our company. We are working together into shaping them as top-level leaders who are flexible, adaptive, and globally and culturally aware. By maintaining trust, we are keeping their integrity, building their credibility and further developing their character in our company environment.

Developing next-generation technology leaders

Building future of work

Working in tech, chances are you're much closer to the future of work than you think. Establishing good work discipline, implementation of remote and flexible working, special benefits from the employee program and nurturing team values are the basic pillars of our corporate culture. Doing what you love in the best way you can, doesn't need to be limited to a place or a desk.

Building future of work

Our core values